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Nub8's experience was essential for the solution to be implemented and scaled from successful way in a matter of hours. Additionally, the support provided gave us the confidence to adopt and extend the use of Amazon Web Services solutions. I recommend them!
Orlando Campanioni - IT Director GBS

GBS International, Inc.

In the framework of the changes introduced worldwide by COVID-19, it is increasingly necessary to have remote work tools in order to keep the business operating independently of the geographical location of the collaborators. For this reason, GBS International decided to enable 100 virtual desktops, connected to the CRM and the PBX through a web browser and access to the internet and corporate datacenter through VPN.

Case study


Through the implementation of the hybrid cloud architecture and implementation, all the network and security components were standardized, achieving the interconnection of all the machines of the production lines, administrative and operational personnel, On the other hand, through the AWS service Storage Gateway is guaranteed to securely backup all information on production line machines and their status. Case study


For this cliente, Nub8 defined an architecture using Amazon Web Services (AWS) security, computing, DNS, CDN and storage services. The design favored the decoupling, flexibility and security of the components involved in the solution. Case study


For Sentek we perform vulnerability, security and compliance assessments of PCI DSS v3.2.1 for its environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our consulting allowed Sentek to discover its weaknesses and strengths against known threats, both for external elements (SAAS services, Cloud Computing services, BYOD services, unauthorized users, sniffers, robots, etc.) and for internal elements (users, systems deployed, workstations, mobile devices, operating systems, etc.) Case study

Omega Market Research

A Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy was implemented to meet the minimum recovery times (RTO) and loss of information (RPO) required for a critical File Server for the daily operation of Omega. Case study


For Silveragro, a Cloud Storage Gateway solution was designed and implemented to store and consult the backup of the database (DB) of its ERP system and the digital invoicing generated daily in the business. Case study

Bolsa Mercantil de Colombia

A consultancy was carried out where the migration to the public cloud project of La Bolsa Mercantil de Colombia SA was evaluated, the evaluation of the implemented practices, methodology, planning, management, management and experience of the assigned expert personnel, the tools and techniques implemented for it. Case study

BPO Customer

Through the defined architecture and implementation of each of the components (network and security), Nub8 managed to quickly and safely enable the customer operations, delivering the best user experience in terms of security, connectivity, mobility and collaboration. Case study