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Secure your Cloud
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Cloud Analytics

Unleash your data potential to create intelligent solutions

Cloud Analytics services place information where needed

Nub8 Cloud Analytics It’s a versatile, open, and secure service that benefits from the technologies of the cloud. We plug complex data, usually in the form of reports and dashboards, into websites, applications, and software. 

Become a data-driven organization

We collect, analyze, and present your data with simplicity. We grant you immediate access to the information that supports everyday business decisions.

What we offer to your company

We remove issues related to scalability, performance, and cost to solve business challenges.

Our experts use real-time data tools to optimize your business decisions.

We focus on maximizing value from data with a flexible, open, and multi-cloud platform.

Use data insights to enhance your performance

What's our secret formula?

Data Sharing

Our solutions allow you to share and store your data using a modern cloud architecture.

Security integration

Nub8 delivers a wide variety of cloud-native data monitoring and analysis solutions. This feature makes it easier for teams to prioritize and investigate security insights within your infrastructure.

Front end integration

We give you the tools to integrate and visualize all your data into your systems. We also generate dashboards and other resources to visualize your information.

Business analytics

We help you acquire a more comprehensive picture of how your customers behave. The result? The ability to predict outcomes and the versatility to generate personalized experiences.

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Leverage Nub8 cloud analytics services to push your capabilities to the next level.