Secure your Cloud
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Secure your Cloud
Journey with us

We are Nub8

We use the cloud to digitally transform our clients

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The cloud is in our DNA

We are an AWS cloud-native services provider that helps customers leverage the power of the cloud to drive business growth. We focus on cloud migration and optimization services, cloud security, cloud-native development, and cloud-based analytics.

More than a new way to store data - A game-changer

Whether you are starting with the cloud or looking to optimize your digital experience, we offer you a team of professionals to help you take advantage of cloud ecosystems.

Our principles:

Four guiding principles reflect how we do things and interact with our clients.

People first

Great people make a great company. Therefore, we empower our teams to be the best version of themselves and maximize their potential.

Customer centricity

Customer centricity is essential for decision-making. Consequently, we concentrate on your requirements to develop new ways to improve your user experience.

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We value your security

We design value-added solutions using cutting-edge technology that boost your cloud experience and secure your cloud environment.​

We enjoy learning new things

We are passionately curious. Thus, we believe in continuous learning as the cornerstone of our business.​

AWS Partner Highlights​

Nub8 takes your cloud capabilities to the next level.

What we promise

At Nub8, no matter the service, our work always delivers:


You can count on us under any circumstance. In a world where you have so many cloud platform choices, we are the perfect partner to help you choose the right one for your needs.


We design, migrate, and develop cloud solutions, making sure they are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. Plus, they are fully adaptable to your requirements. Everyone at Nub8 comes from diverse backgrounds, allowing us to adapt and tend to your specific needs.

Mastery of knowledge

We developed a dynamic skillset to master cloud complexity. We are continuously learning because knowledge is a crucial component of our philosophy.

Brilliant execution

We respect your time. Therefore, we speed up delivery and employ agile methodologies to increase your efficiency and productivity. We deliver the service we would like to receive.

Think that we could be a great fit? We would love to hear from you!

Achivements & Awards

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Best Consulting Service
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