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Amazon Lambda

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Leverage the power of the AWS cloud to run your code efficiently and faster, without having to worry about the complexity of managing servers. With AWS Lambda, you can focus your efforts only on the task of writing code and developing the business logic of your applications.

We know how important it is for our customers to optimize the activities they perform. That’s why, with AWS Lambda, you don’t have to worry about server and infrastructure management. Our team of AWS professionals is ready to help you employ and take full advantage of this service, configuring and optimizing your functions so that you can achieve the greatest efficiency while gaining the greatest benefits.

Whether you need to process data in real time, integrate systems, automate tasks or develop mobile and IoT applications, at Nub8 we offer you the experience and expertise to help you succeed in your cloud journey.

How AWS Lambda Works

AWS Lambda is a serverless service that allows you to run code in an automated way in the cloud without having to worry about managing servers or infrastructure. With AWS Lambda, you can write code snippets (functions) and set up events that trigger their execution in response to specific actions, such as data arriving in an Amazon S3 bucket, updating a record in an Amazon DynamoDB table, or invoking directly from an API.

Lambda supports a variety of programming languages including Python, Java, Node.js, C#, Go, and Ruby. Users can write their code in the language of their choice, upload it to Lambda, and then configure it to trigger based on events from other AWS services such as S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, or API Gateway. Lambda can also be used to trigger code based on custom events from other sources, such as an HTTP request or a message from a message queue.

Some examples of how Lambda can be used include:

Building serverless web applications

With Lambda, users can create web applications without having to worry about scaling, patching, or maintaining servers. For example, a Lambda function could be used to handle incoming API requests and then communicate with other AWS services to generate a response.

Processing data in real-time

Lambda can be used to process streaming data in real-time. For example, a Lambda function could be used to analyze incoming data from IoT devices and then take action based on the results of the analysis.

Batch processing

Lambda can also be used for batch processing tasks. For example, a Lambda function could be used to process data stored in S3, transform it into a different format, and then store the results in a database.

AWS Lambda provides a comprehensive approach that allows users to run code without managing servers. It can be used for a wide range of use cases including real-time data processing, serverless web applications, and batch processing. By taking care of the underlying infrastructure, AWS Lambda allows developers to focus on writing and deploying their code quickly and easily.

Benefits with AWS Lambda

You can take full advantage of the services offered by AWS Lambda. From automatic scalability and the ability to accelerate the deployment of new functions and features in your applications using any programming language, to the advantages of paying only for what you use and without having to worry about server management. In addition, you can also integrate other AWS services. Discover all these and other benefits. Optimize your costs, accelerate and streamline your business development with Nub8 and AWS Lambda.

Forget about infrastructure worries and accelerate your development and innovation process!

AWS Lambda offers several benefits:

Pay for what you use:

Users only pay for the compute time consumed by their code. AWS Lambda automatically scales the underlying infrastructure up or down based on the volume of requests.

No servers to manage:

Users don’t have to worry about managing servers, scaling, patching, or configuring operating systems. AWS Lambda takes care of the underlying infrastructure.

High availability:

AWS Lambda automatically replicates code across multiple availability zones, ensuring high availability and fault tolerance.

Easy integration with other AWS services:

AWS Lambda can be easily integrated with other AWS services, making it easy to build serverless applications that utilize the full suite of AWS services.

At Nub8, we have a large team of AWS experts who are ready to help you and accompany you to make the most of the service that AWS Lambda offers for your business. We configure and optimize your AWS Lambda functions so that you get the best results in terms of performance and efficiency. We ensure that your AWS services are managed with a strong focus on security and efficiency, so we are ready to give you peace of mind and confidence in all your cloud operations.

Trust Nub8 as your AWS provider and partner to take full advantage of AWS Lambda and other AWS solutions. We are committed to providing the best tools to suit your needs, and that’s why we offer specialized technical support and strategic advice. We have extensive experience in the AWS cloud to help you achieve your business goals – contact us today and find out how we can help you power your business with AWS Lambda and other AWS services!

Case Studies

Gourmeat – Optimized Inventory Management with Amazon Web Services

Learn how this retailer managed to centralize stores and warehouse information by implementing a cloud-based solution leveraging AWS services like AWS Lightsail and Amazon Quicksight Embedded analytics.

Additionally, this retailer integrates dashboards that shows them in real time the inventory and sales of each store,among other critical information for their business.

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Open Park – Cloud-based web platform for delivery of fitness and wellness services

Learn how this fitness provider developed a web platform to provide remote classes and engage students, teachers and staff, while also adding more visibility and control into how their fitness programs are being used. Nub8 provided consulting and development services to rapidly launch a cloud-based platform hosted on AWS that uses services such as AWS Lightsail and Amazon Quicksight Embedded Analytics.

With embedded analytics, this customer integrates dashboards that shows them in real time registered users, customers, locations and other critical business information

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