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Well Architected Review

Well-Architected Framework:

The principles for a perfect cloud experience.

Take advantage of cloud capabilities

Well-Architected Framework (WAF) refers to several principles or pillars used to design and operate cloud infrastructure. In other words, WAF establishes guidelines for organizations to build and manage secure, efficient, and scalable cloud environments. 

A consistent approach for a better cloud infrastructure

Our Well-Architected Framework review service delivers high-level guidance to help you maintain and improve secure, reliable, cost-optimized, and operationally outstanding infrastructure. 

The best practices for an efficient cloud

Well-Architected Framework defines five fundamental principles for an effective cloud implementation: 

The operational excellence principle describes the most appropriate ways to handle and monitor organizational systems. It also provides the necessary keys to perfect cloud environments through continuous learning.

WAF establishes a series of practices that ensure greater data confidentiality and integrity. This pillar enables better permissions management and specifies what is necessary to help detect critical security events. 

Any system must be reliable. A well-Architected Framework provides the necessary keys to ensure that organizations recover from problems and adapt to change. 

Resources are limited. Consequently, this pillar establishes the best practices for using them efficiently to deliver consistent performance over time.

Successful organizations have a solid economy. WAF establishes the necessary guidelines to avoid unnecessary costs. 

What are the benefits of the Well-Architected Framework?

Boosted productivity

Applying WAF principles to your cloud systems save time, energy, and money. 


The well-architected framework makes it possible to scale any cloud infrastructure effectively. 

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WAF guidelines secure total data protection. 


Well-Architected Framework pillars establish the necessary keys to offer multiple services effectively. 

Well-Architected Review


In Nub8 we evaluate and improve your workloads with respect to the best architectural practices recommended by AWS, so they are secure, high performance, resilient and efficient.

Our Well Architecture Solution offers a closed plan containing the following:

We assess your current workloads using AWS Well Architected Framework to identify high risk issues.

Our architects will deliver a detailed report and discuss findings with you, covering the current state of your architecture.

We offer up to 20 hours to implement the remediation plan to solve issues based on the set of priorities.

You will receive one month free of charge of Trend Micro´s Cloud One Conformity license to have continuous global view over your cloud!

Want to know more?

Check out our package in the AWS Marketplace, click on this link

How can I apply Well-Architected Framework principles in my organization? We are the answer to that question.

Nub8 Well-Architected Review is a service crafted to evaluate the current state of your Cloud Infrastructure.

Why? To provide you with practical guidance to develop robust, secure, and cost-optimized cloud systems.