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What is Microsoft Azure and why is it use

Microsoft Azure, Windows Azure before, is a cloud computing platform that offers a huge range of services in the cloud, which includes analytics, storage, database, networking and many more. When cloud computing is offer as a services it means that you can manage the resources and the apps on Microsoft Azure freely. 

Microsoft Azure is hosted in the Data Centers of Microsoft and is consider one of the two (Yes, just two!) Cloud services market leaders , the other is Amazon Web Service. Here you´re going to know why it’s so used. 

Most important aspects

This are some of the reason Microsoft Azure is considered one of the best Cloud services and why it is used so much:

  • Processing: The apps processing in Azure is based on Windows Server, and they can be created through Framework. NET with C# or Visual basic, or you can implement them on C++ and Javascript. 
  • Storage: You can storage you resources or assets in Microsoft Azure. The components in the storage can be consulted, configured and used anytime you need. This components communicate thanks to blobs (Binary large objects).
  • Infrastructure: With Microsoft Azure is possible to display virtual machines with Linux or Windows Services. You can manage the way you want it, or let them do the job for you. 
  • Cloud layer: Microsoft use a high amount of machines that interconnect one to another creating an harmonic spider web. The storage and processing of Azure is implemented efficiently in this layer. 
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): The Content Delivery Network provides fast accessibility to the data on the cloud thanks to the closeness servers are with the user. The Azure database are distributed worldwide. 
  • Easy ID Management: With the Active Directory tool you can manage your access control and identity in a centralized and easy way. This is perfect to use when you have different accounts and local directories.