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What is AWS Cloud Security?

Cloud security concerns

Cloud security is still an ever rising concern, despite the various set of benefits it provides to the individuals and companies alike. As per a recent study, there are still close to 90% of enterprises which remain doubtful about putting in 100% trust in the Cloud infrastructure, simply due to the Cloud security complications.

Despite so many trust questions, there are a lot of things which organizations are yet to understand when it comes to Cloud security. The Cloud is not an insecure option; the security model is comparatively dissimilar than some of the other platforms available in the industry currently. Due to this very purpose, there are a lot of new relationships which are essential to be satisfied with respect to data storage.

What is AWS Cloud Security?

AWS Cloud Security

Large businesses that move their application workloads to AWS must also monitor the safety of those services. To produce security insights, organizations need nonstop intellect about their AWS cloud security infrastructure in the form of real-time machine data. To drive a competitive advantage, adding business value, and revolutionizing, constant intelligence allows organizations to review, analyze, monitor and secure the service delivery of their digital directions and workloads in AWS.

Important AWS Security Services

AWS Security provide great large number of services for security review and implementations on AWS resources. Some of important services are as below.

1. AWS Artifact

AWS Artifact is a portal that delivers an enterprise with access to security, audit and compliance reports.

2. AWS Certificate Manager

AWS Certificate Manager is an AWS tool that lets an AWS team to review, provision, manage and deploy Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Security Layer (TSL) certifications in the AWS.

3. AWS CloudHSM

AWS CloudHSM is a Amazon’s encryption key solution. HSM stands for Hardware Security Module. It is single tenant and exclusive to each customer. AWS manages the hardware and base operation but does not manage the keys and not even have the ability to access the key management system within the HSM.

3. AWS Directory Service

AWS Directory Service provides multiple identity management solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as AWS Microsoft AD, AWS AD Connector, and Simple AD. Each solution resolves a diverse part of the difficult problem for IT admins in managing user access to AWS resources.

4. Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty is smart threat detection with continuous tracking and monitoring built to safeguard users’ AWS accounts and workloads. Any nasty or unauthorized behavior, for example, unusual API calls or potentially unauthorized deployments, will be detected, reported and managed. Any conduct that may specify an account compromise is also flagged.

Amazon Inspector, Amazon Macie, AWS Secrets Manager, AWS Security Hub, AWS Shield and AWS WAF are some of the other services for AWS Security.

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