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What is a multi cloud environment?

This new digital era forces us to use technologies, platforms and infrastructure flexibles and capables to support and process a high volume of data. Cloud computing is a solution for that. Imagine if you can have all the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers by vendors in one network. But not only that, you could link one to another to have access to all your resources. This is possible in a multi-cloud environment. 

And example for multi cloud environment is when you have a enterprise which assets and applications are in a private cloud, but to deploy an specific project this company will need to migrate part of his assets to a public cloud platform. The enterprise could have one private cloud and a public one, or could reduce cost and time spend using a multi cloud environment where they can manage both without problem. 



To know if is worth using a multi cloud environment you have to look closely to his benefits. 

  • Flexibility: You can select the best for every cloud model and vendor. If you prefer the storage of Amazon Web Service you can take it. If you like to deploy different apps in Azure you can do it to. Diversify is important in any company, if one infrastructure fail you have others to maintain control. 
  • Security: Not only having your resources in different cloud infrastructures provides more safeness, the multi cloud environment use the best of all security systems to maintain your applications and resources more secure. 
  • Low latency: Accessing to apps and resource through distant clouds it’s not immediately, specially when this data has to cross different nodes, this delay is called latency. When you use a multi cloud environment you can reduce time because the multiples data centers around the world are close to the clients.