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Top Cloud Monitoring Tools

Cloud monitoring is very critical for risk free and stable cloud infrastructure implementation. Following are some of the top cloud monitoring tools.

1. Amazon Cloudwatch

Amazon Cloudwatch is a monitoring tool for AWS resources, services and applications that display metrics and create alarms to send notifications. It also automatically makes changes to resources that is under monitoring when a threshold is hit. CloudWatch logs can come from a number of sources such as:
• Logs generated by Web server like Nginx, IIS
• Logs created by database server like MongoDB , Mysql , PostgreSQL, SQL Server
• Operating system like Linux, windows logs
• Logs generated by Lambda functions service
• Logs generated by CloudTrail events

2. Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor stores log/monitoring data in a Log Analytics workspace, which is an Azure resource and a container where data is collected, tracked, aggregated, and serves as an administrative boundary. With Azure Monitor, monitoring solution is associated with the DevOps model to better provision app development methodology. Thus put monitoring environment in the hands of service engineers. This solution helps to have responsive monitoring and alerting, improved measurement of end-to-end service health.

3. TrueSight Pulse

TrueSight Pulse (formerly called Boundary) by BMC Software, is a SaaS solution for real-time monitoring and alerting of web-scale applications built on either cloud-based or on-premise infrastructure. BMC Software, produces monitoring software that serves functions including IT service management, data center automation, performance management, virtualization lifecycle management and cloud computing management. TrueSight Pulse is language and technology agnostic and helps in monitoring of public and private clouds, VMs, physical servers. It is SaaS-based monitoring tool for real-time visibility into web-scale application metrics helping DevOps teams detect, track, manage and diagnose problems fast.

4. DX Infrastructure Manager

DX Infrastructure Manager was previously called CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM).
DX Infrastructure Manager provides scalable, robust, easy-to-use and resilient IT monitoring capabilities. It helps to reduces the amount of time spent managing tools and deploying monitoring configurations. Moreover, DX Infrastructure Manager improves ability to track, monitor cloud performance and traditional IT infrastructure through a single view including traditional, dynamic, public, or private cloud environments. It can collaborate across organization to determine the root cause of performance issues in IT Infrastructure.

5. Solarwinds

Solarwinds has a powerful SaaS-based monitoring solutions covering areas such that:
• Application and infrastructure monitoring
• Web performance monitoring
• Log monitoring and analytics

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