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Nub8 achieves AWS Lambda Designation: A new step in cloud excellence

As a result of our continued commitment to excellence in cloud services, we are excited to announce that Nub8 has earned the AWS Lambda Delivery Designation.

The designation for AWS Lambda is not simply a stamp on our profile; it is a testament to our technical proficiency and ability to deliver advanced solutions in the serverless computing area. With this certification, we reflect in yet another achievement our unwavering commitment to innovation and technical excellence. At the same time, it is an achievement that consolidates our position as an advanced partner of AWS, a position in which we have worked with the best tools. An alliance in which we work every day to guarantee our customers our track record and the experience we have in deploying and managing cloud-based solutions.

We know what’s best for our customers, and that’s why we know that AWS Lambda is an invaluable tool in the Amazon Web Services arsenal of cloud services. Among its biggest advantages are that it allows developers to run code without worrying about server management, scale automatically on demand, and pay only for compute time used. It is an exceptional service of serverless computing and unlocks a world of possibilities for developing modern applications that are efficient and scalable.

At Nub8, we celebrate this achievement as another step towards our vision of being a leader in cloud services. We will continue to work tirelessly to provide our customers with the most advanced and efficient solutions. This designation is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and in addition to being a milestone, it is a reminder that at Nub8, innovation and exceptional performance are the norm. We are excited about the journey ahead and the opportunities the future holds. We will continue to work to be no less than exceptional in technology services for our customers.

In our process of becoming a stronger and stronger advanced partner to our competitors, our entire team has worked on every badge to have a testimony and endorsement of our professional and high-level technical capabilities. This new achievement, like the others, requires not only deep technical knowledge, but also practical experience in the successful implementation of projects using this service. At Nub8, we have exceeded these rigorous standards, demonstrating our ability to create efficient serverless architectures, ensuring fast and smooth execution for our customers.

The AWS Lambda designation not only highlights our technical skills, but also strengthens our relationship with AWS. As an advanced partner, we are committed to delivering high-quality services and staying at the forefront of emerging technologies. This designation reinforces our position as a trusted and capable partner to guide our clients as our approach to each project is highlighted by our deepest efforts to achieve their satisfaction in every part of their digital transformation process.

Empowering the Future of Serverless Computing

This designation not only benefits our clients, but also strengthens Nub8 internally. It drives us to continue to innovate, to hone our skills and to always stay current with technological trends, both in our processes and in the services we offer. We are proud to be recognized by AWS for our commitment to excellence and consistently delivering exceptional results.

For our customers, who are at the heart of every process, the AWS Lambda designation means more than just recognition; it represents a renewed commitment to quality and efficiency. We are equipped to deliver world-class serverless solutions, optimizing costs and guaranteeing exceptional performance. Our focus will always be on our customers’ satisfaction and business growth because their success is our success.