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Juniper Networks® Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance

Juniper Networks® Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance

The Juniper Networks® Advanced Threat Prevention Appliance delivers nonstop, multistage detection and analysis of Web, e-mail, and lateral spread traffic moving through the network. It collects information from several attack vectors, using advanced machine learning and behavioral analysis technologies to classify advanced threats in as little as 15 seconds. Those threats are then joint with data collected from other security tools in the network, analyzed, and correlated, creating a combined timeline view of all malware events related to an infected host. Once threats are acknowledged, “one-touch” policy updates are pushed to inline tools to protect against a repetition of advanced attacks.

Historic Background

The appliance usages technology acquired from Cyphort, a security startup Juniper bought in August 2017. Juniper integrated Cyphort’s software with its advanced threat prevention platform. And earlier this year, it retitled the product Juniper Networks Advanced Threat Prevention (JATP). The platform delivered in a cloud-delivered version as well as an on-premises device. So it is the design that is built into the solution alongside technology acquired from Cyphort – a combination of machine learning and behavioural analysis that optimizes threat alleviation. It discoveries them in seconds rather than minutes or hours and has a minor rate of false positives.


The ATP Appliance can incorporate with other security devices to alleviate threats, giving users the ability to spontaneously quarantine e-mails on Google and Office 365 using REST APIs. Communications between the infected endpoint and the command and control servers are jammed by pushing malicious IP addresses to firewall devices. Mixing with network access control devices can separate infected hosts. The ATP Appliance’s open API design also permits it to integrate with a number of third-party security vendors such as Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Bluecoat, Check Point, Carbon Black, and Bradford, among others.


The components required vary based on the deployment model.
• Physical deployments need a physical JATP Appliance and an associated software subscription.
• Virtual deployments need a software subscription only
The physical appliances have two models:


Weight : 30.4 lbs (13.79kg)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 17.2’’x1.7’’x25.6’’
Performance (Objects Detonated): Up to 25,000 objects/day
Performance:1 Gbps
E-mail MTA Receiver – Maximum E-mails per Day : 700,000
CPU: 10 cores
Memory: 32GB


Weight : 42 lbs (19 kg)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 17.2 x 3.5 x 24.8 in (43.7 x 8.9 x 63 cm)
Performance (Objects Detonated): Up to 61,000 objects/day
Performance: 2.5 Gbps
E-mail MTA Receiver – Maximum E-mails per Day : 2 million
CPU: 2×10 cores
Memory: 128 GB

Nub8 team can architect a solution to fit your needs and the components you wish to deploy. Using our proven practice, we can assess the solution requirements and operational needs of your organization, adequately size and design the needed appliances and placement and work with your staff to operate and maintain the solution. Nub8 provides assessment and optimization services for any of the Juniper Networks JATP Appliance components deployed within an organization.