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Secure your Cloud
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Cloud Storage

The Challenge

The ERP, Silveragro’s core system, for its daily operation, generates backups of its databases every day, which were being hosted on a server in the Silveragro Datacenter, what was required was to be able to migrate those backups to the cloud to guarantee its availability in case you need a restoration.

The Solution

The design of the solution architecture was made taking into account Silveragro’s business needs, which
are related to having the ERP database backups for a month, so that in case of any problem you can use the backups to recover quickly. Likewise, with the components defined in the solution, it is sought that it can be guaranteed that despite any internet disconnection Silveragro can access on-prem information without any restriction

Silveragro is a Colombian company with more than 34 years in the market offering products and services for pets and agricultural products and supplies.



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