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Cloud-based web platform for the delivery of health and wellness services

The Challenge

Open Park required a web platform that, in addition to providing information on wellness, allows interaction with users for scheduling appointments, processing payments, tracking personal information and events, viewing routine calendars, accessing video training material, uploading audiovisual material and receiving feedback from trainers.

It was also necessary to have a centralized administration and a user-friendly platform for the team in charge of generating and updating content

The Solution

After analyzing the current situation and Open Park’s requirements, Nub8 designed a solution to be deployed in different phases, so that the fulfillment of each milestone would provide feedback that would allow the optimization of the next phases. Below is the detail of the services provided:

Phase 1:

  • Creation and configuration of Open Park’s Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Provisioning of Hosting and own domains
  • Configuration of corporate email
  • Integration of the platform with social networks (Facebook, Instagram,
    YouTube and WhatsApp).
  • Provisioning of tools for website administration, creation and updating of
  • Creation of spaces for blog, articles, photos and videos
  • Configuration of SEO tools for site statistics analysis
  • Provisioning of functionalities for student and teacher registration
  • Provisioning of the Open Park reservation management module

Phase 2:

  • E-commerce design and development
  • Integration of the web platform with the payment gateway.
  • Development of the module for the management of student routines
  • Development of the mobile application

The solution includes components and services deployed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in order to take advantage of benefits related to scalability, flexibility, pay-per-use, among others.

It`s an Uruguayan company whose
objective is to form a community of healthy
living and wellness, based on the practice of
calisthenics and healthy habits such as nutrition, physiotherapy, psychology, among

Open Park knows that the well-being of a person is reflected in their personal, professional and family relationships, contributing in some way to their environment and the society.




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