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Consulting for the migration of IT infrastructure to AWS

The Challenge

Carry out a consultancy to evaluate the infrastructure migration project to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Among the tasks defined was the need to carry out the evaluation of the implemented practices and deliver the technical and specialized recommendations regarding the methodology, planning,
management, management and experience of the project, the assigned personnel, the tools and techniques implemented for the same. Additionally, carry out constant monitoring of the cloud migration team, supporting the execution of activities and optimizing the procedures performed.

The Solution

Understanding the environment

In this activity, an understanding of the business, the technological environment and the project was
carried out, taking into account aspects of business requirements, technical requirements, organizational structure, current environment of IT infrastructure (architecture, applications, virtualized platforms, etc.)

Project plan evaluation

In this activity, an analysis of the project plan was carried out, contemplating the five phases of the Nub8 methodology, including migration preparation and business analysis, portfolio survey and planning, architecture design contemplating the AWS Well Architected Framework, project migration, validation and testing model, cloud operation model.

Evaluation on the Adoption Framework for Migration

In this activity, an analysis was carried out on the elements of the project with respect to the AWS
Migration Adoption Framework, considering elements such as the business, the team, the government model, the platform, the operation and the security model.

Identification and support in analysis of the risk level of the Project

In this activity, an analysis was carried out to identify the KRI’s and an analysis of these, to identify the risk level of the migration project.

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