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The Challenge

The Arlington Economic Development (AED) is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of an economically competitive and sustainable community and provide support to the small business with innovative solutions.

AED through the initiative called Re-Launch part of their program Biz Launch, seeks to strengthen the digital footprint of small businesses in Arlington by ensuring their technology is secure, effective and has a robust online presence.

Through the program, a cohort of eligible small businesses (SMBs) will receive a technology assessment by an Amazon Web Service (AWS) partner. Depending on the specific needs of each eligible business, the applicants could receive a website update, so they can give more visibility to their businesses and improve the user experience of their customers, they can update on the best digital practices for e-commerce, optimization, and cybersecurity, as well as online tools to support the innovation for their business.

The Solution

According to the objectives of the AED initiative, Nub8 was selected as the ideal tech partner to fulfil the objectives of the project, because of its expertise in cloud-native development, and for its high-quality professionals in the field that can support all the technical requirements for development websites, eCommerce’s, security assessments, Search Engine Optimization, User experience Optimization, and other tech solutions and services.

Nub8 team will defined what Amazon services will be offering to the clients as the best solution for the implementation and refreshing of their websites. The company will use Lightsail instances for develop the websites, and Route 53 and CloudFlare as a security method to guarantee the proper functions of them.

The websites were developed using components and services deployed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to take advantage to all the best functionalities of the cloud in terms of scalability, flexibility, cost savings, security, among others.

Arlington Economic Development (AED), a local government division in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is dedicated to preserving and enhancing an economically competitive and sustainable community. 

AED BizLaunch has developed an innovative program called ReLaunch to provide SMBs with professional consulting services to create cutting edge websites and e-commerce solutions. 

Arlington Economic Development’s Bizlaunch needed to find a technology partner for the implementation of this important project, and Nub8 was selected due to their expertise, team of certified professionals and knowledge of AWS offerings. 




“We are honored to be able to help our small businesses with advanced technology and tools so they can successfully grow their businesses in spite of the current pandemic. We value our relationship with our AWS artner Nub8, and look forward to helping as many small businesses as we can into the future!

Tara Palacios – Director BizLaunch (AED)

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