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Benefits of Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing is about reorganization of the complexity of traditional systems by eliminating the need to run servers and manage infrastructure. It is about serving developers focus on their fundamental problem by decreasing the amount of code they need to write. By captivating a Serverless compute service, developers can build robust, smart, loosely coupled, scalable, and efficient architectures quickly.
Following are some of the main benefits of Serverless Computing.

1. Improved Scalability

Scalability is flawlessly attainable in serverless architectures. When you go Serverless, scalability is no longer a problem, as you can scale horizontally as far as you want. Since all things are on-demand, your Serverless functions can scale up or down instantaneously, without you having to deploy any extra infrastructure—the cloud provider like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM – take care of all of that. It is the vendor’s duty to keep the infrastructure running efficiently and scale resources to fulfil function executions due to variations in user demand.

2. Saving Cost

The costs accompanying with Serverless computing are nominal compared to other cloud services. All costs associated with operating a server, whether physical or virtual, are eliminated under a Serverless model. Even though the servers spin up or down according to demand, there is a minimal cost to preserve a least amount of servers so the backend is available at all times. With Serverless computing, you are charged for your code execution and the number of times your code is triggered. You don’t pay anything when your code isn’t running. Serverless computing lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) for Cloud.

3. Simplified complexity

With Serverless computing, no need to hire DevOps team for management and operations of backend infrastructure. There is no need for complex operational activities like managing OS versions, patching OS/installing updates, updating database systems, managing database licenses, patching, etc.
Serverless computing with most Cloud vendor use same programming language like JavaScript/C#/Java/Python – as for traditional programming model. So high end development skills are not required. So simplifies the development life cycle of a product.

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