What is a multi cloud environment?

multi cloud, What is a multi cloud

This new digital era forces us to use technologies, platforms and infrastructure flexibles and capables to support and process a high volume of data. Cloud computing is a solution for that. Imagine if you can have all the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers by vendors in one network. But not only that, you could […]

What are the benefits of SD WAN?


Service Defined Wide Area Network is the future of telecommunications. This service respond to anything an Enterprise need to cover the connection needs. Even when SD WAN still not popular, is matter of time time to actually being a strong option in the market. A lot of expert in the area recommend to the companies […]

What is Multi-cloud?

multi cloud, What is a multi cloud

Do you wanna use more than 1 cloud computing service in a same network? You can do it with Multi-cloud. This enables to enterprises deliver apps or services across public, private or hybrid clouds. You can use multiple vendors, accounts, different locations and more. With Multi-cloud you can have a couple providers of Infrastructure as […]

What is an SD WAN controller?

SD WAN controller

The SD WAN controller is a vital component of all SD WAN services and solutions. It’s function is manage all the resources or key assets on the Service Defined Wide Area Network, the implementation of new technologies and even provide basic or advanced features.   Its able to provide physical and virtual device management for his […]

What is SD-WAN?


The Software-Defined in a Wide Area Network is a novedous way of manage a Wide Area Network. A Wide Area Network is a private telecommunication network who can interconnect different Local Area Networks (LAN). A enterprise can have a WAN that resides on subsidiaries, placement facilities, Cloud Computing and other installations. So you can share […]

What is Microsoft Azure and why is it use

Microsoft Azure is hosted in the Data Centers of Microsoft and is consider one of the two (Yes, just two!) Cloud services market leaders , the other is Amazon Web Service. Here you´re going to know why it’s so used.  Most important aspects This are some of the reason Microsoft Azure is considered one of […]

What are the key benefits of AWS Security Hub?

AWS Security Hub

Are you interested? Let’s find out what are the benefits of AWS Security Hub Benefits With AWS Security Hub you can collect and prioritize the security problems in your accounts and resources associated with Amazon Web Service. This tool process the data with a standard format and relate the problems to find out what are […]

What is AWS Security Hub?

AWS Security Hub

How AWS Security Hub Works AWS Security Hub have a scheme that allows this tool to work perfectly in any alert it send. Every step of this scheme contributes to obtain a high quality result. Let’s see how:  Identify: The first step is identify what are the key assets you have in the AWS cloud […]

How does AWS define cloud computing?

nube AWS,Well Architected Framework

Amazon Web Services better know as AWS, one of the most important companies on cloud computing, define this term as the delivery of computing power, storage, database, apps and other It resources to clients, for a consume based price.  For example, If you have a enterprise who needs to share data, documents, photos and more, […]

What are the benefits of AWS Cloud Computing?

nube AWS,Well Architected Framework

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing service that provides 165 integral services such as: Storage, Artificial Intelligence (AI), E-mail services, Networking, Mobile services,  App services, Security, and IT services in general. At least 80% of Big Enterprises are using AWS, why? Let’s figure out what are the benefits of AWS cloud computing.  Benefits […]