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What is AWS Security Hub?


AWS Security Hub is a integral security service contemplated in Amazon Web Service, this provides you with high priority security alerts and compliance level in every AWS account you have.  With Security Hub you can add, organizate and configure your alerts on different tools that Amazon Web Service have. 


How AWS Security Hub Works

AWS Security Hub have a scheme that allows this tool to work perfectly in any alert it send. Every step of this scheme contributes to obtain a high quality result. Let’s see how: 

  • Identify: The first step is identify what are the key assets you have in the AWS cloud or what are your most important resources. To do this Security Hub use the information you submitted or configured in the AWS Config or the AWS System Management. 
  • Protect: Knowing your most important assets allows the second phase or 2nd step to begin, and that it’s protection. AWS have huge amount of tools to protect your resources like AWS Shield, AWS Firewall, AWS Secrets Management, Key Management Service, Identity and Access Management and more. All this make your key assets more safe and private. 
  • Detect: The third phase of this schema is the detection of any problem. You, as a client of AWS Cloud Computing and AWS Security Hub, will have two ways to go. 

The first one is Automate, giving your permission to act in an automatic way the Security Hub through Lambda and Step Function will respond to the alert problem, implementing the best solution to it. The second is Investigate, here you can do the job manually and obtain more detail information about the problem itself, with tools like AWS Cloudtrail and CloudWatch. 

  • Recover: After Security Hub detect and respond you can recover and restore any lost data. 

With this service Amazon Web Service provide, you will have quality safeguard.