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What is SD-WAN?

The Software-Defined in a Wide Area Network is a novedous way of manage a Wide Area Network. A Wide Area Network is a private telecommunication network who can interconnect different Local Area Networks (LAN). A enterprise can have a WAN that resides on subsidiaries, placement facilities, Cloud Computing and other installations. So you can share and use the resources through LAN using WAN. 

So, what is “Software-Defined” well, knowing that companies and enterprise will need more bandwidth, more speed, more and more flexibility, Software-Defined allow companies to have that with a easy to use Software where you can manage all the WAN aspects or even, reducing time dodging excessive processes. 

SD-WAN know you and know you needs, and based in that this Software-Defined act upon it. 

Main features of SD-WAN

To know better what SD-WAN is We need to know his main features. 

  • SD-WAN changes the way of tracking and manage the traffic. You can track from you physical devices or the app, using the flexibility of Software Defined Network. Where you can insert new technologies or protocols without a full revision of the network architecture. This allows you to have fastest interconnections. 
  • You can use different types of connections with SD-WAN, wired or wireless, like 4 GB LTE, MPLS, Wi-fi or satellites. 
  • You will have several WAN links, public or private, where to access. 
  • The WAN is hybrid and smart, which can include VPS for enterprises.

The expert on telecommunications recommend to every company migrate sooner than later to SD-WAN. Even when SD-WAN have less the 5% of participation on the actual market, is estimated that in two years this will increase to 25 or 30%. Proof of that is the increased on the earnings for the sellers of this services, with a 59% of growth annually. For the next year this will be a 1.300 million dollar market.