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Power BI Architecture – Performance Improvements

PowerBI Consultant must start with the end in mind and ensure all reports answer precise business questions that empower you to make intelligent business decisions.

Following are some of the tips to improve the performance in Power BI implementation.

• For Power BI, try to create calculated measures instead of calculated columns. Move calculated columns and measures to the data source wherever possible. The nearer they are to the source, the greater the likelihood of better performance.

Slicers are an excessively important way of allowing users to navigate data, but they cause at a performance overhead. Each slicer makes two queries: one acquires the data, and the other gets selection details. Making too many slicers influences performance negatively.

• In Power BI, if we place so many visuals on the solo page, it will slow down the performance of dashboard. We suggest using a maximum of eight visuals per page. Occasionally, based on prerequisite we need to increase more visual on the page, at that time we need to arrange and choose visualization intelligently.

• For Power BI solution, if the same data gateway is utilized for Scheduled Data Refresh and Live Connection, Live Connection performance will be see deceased performance when Scheduled Data Refresh is active. Avoid this matter by building separate data gateways for Live Connection and Scheduled Refresh.

• In Power BI, Integers behave much faster than strings. Since strings are kept in a hash table, they are efficiently referenced twice, once for the hash value and once to get the string associated with that value. Changing string to a predictable integer that is incremented for every row lets columnar storage to compress this column and the hash table reference is not required.

• In Power BI, prefer to pull data from views, not tables. Importing data from tables in a SQL Server makes strong dependencies between the physical data model and the reporting engine. When table structures modify, it’s best to tweak relational data from views.

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