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Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches

Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches handle the access, aggregation, and core layer switching requirements of data center settings, offering a basis for the robust, fast, secure and reliable delivery of applications that support strategic business processes. EX Series enterprise Ethernet switches provide operational competence, business continuity, and agility. By implementing Juniper’s 3-2-1 data center architecture, the EX Series Ethernet switches provide enterprises to not only increase performance but also to rise operational efficiency. The EX series of Ethernet switches deliver for access, aggregation and core networking for branch, campus, data center and service provider environments, and can provision everything from 1GbE to 100GbE.


Some of the models are as:
EX2300 Multigigabit
EX4300 Multigigabit



The EX2200-C Compact Ethernet Switch is an robust, inexpensive, entry-level solution for low-density deployments in branch offices and enterprise workgroup environments. Containing a fanless design, the air-cooled EX2200-C also compromises completely silent operations, making it ideal for open office areas, as well as micro-branches and retail settings.

EX2300 and EX2300-C

EX2300 and EX2300-C Ethernet Switches provide a robust. compact, high-density, cost-effective solution for small network environments where space and power are important. Featuring a small, 1U footprint, the EX2300 and EX2300-C are ideal for access-layer deployments in micro branches, retail and workgroup ettings, and converged network access in larger networks. The EX2300-C offers a fanless, silent operation design, making it ideal for open office installations.
The EX2300 offers up to 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports in a single platform, while the EX2300-C offers 12 10/100/1000BASE-T ports. Both models are offered with or without IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) or 802.3at PoE+ for powering attached network devices. Optional front panel 10GbE uplink ports provision connections to higher-layer devices.Juniper EX 4550
The EX4550 Ethernet switch provides 32 wire-speed GbE or 10 GbE pluggable ports in a compact one rack unit base platform. The expansion modules increase the EX4550’s density to 48 wire-speed GbE or 10 GbE ports, delivering 480 Gbps of layer 2 and layer 3 connectivity.



The EX4550 switches provide an robust, economical, power-efficient and compact solution for aggregating 10 GbE uplinks from access devices in core data center and building deployments. The switches effortlessly meet enterprise core switch requirements by delivering wire-speed performance on every port, full device redundancy and dual-speed GbE and 10 GbE interfaces.

Juniper Networks offers robust, innovative and scalable solutions for state-of-the-art Cyber Security solution and network security. With its switches, Routers, Firewalls, Advanced Threat Protection, Visibility, Management and Analytics solutions, organizations realize cost-effective network security, without sacrificing the top performance of networks. Contáctanos for any additional information on the best Juniper Network product for your requirements.