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Juniper Contrail Enterprise Multicloud

What is Juniper Contrail Enterprise Multicloud

A Multicloud refer to the use of two or more cloud systems to guarantee maximum uptime for websites, complete availability of resources, better defense against outages and cyberattacks, and more. In this sort of setup, one type of cloud might be used for precise requests, and alternative cloud would handle other requests. The Juniper Contrail Enterprise Multicloud integrates both overlay and underlay management into an open platform. Whether a business is viewing for device or fabric management, or overlay policy and control, it delivers a unified method to enterprise operations that streamlines workflows and improves end-to-end visibility across bare metal servers, virtual machines and containers, along with network devices. Juniper has designed Contrail Enterprise Multicloud to support multivendor environments.


Network managers can practice the console to configure and control the gateway leading to the public cloud and to describe and distribute policies for cloud-based virtual firewalls. Also available through the console is Juniper’s AppFormix management software for cloud environments. AppFormix delivers policy planning, monitoring and application and software-based infrastructure analytics. Engineers can organize the product to handle routine networking tasks.

Juniper join in with widely used orchestration tools such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, Mesos, OpenShift, and VMware cloud management systems, as well as popular DevOps tools like Ansible and Helm. To support enterprises, get started with the multicloud evolution, Juniper also revealed a 5-step multicloud migration framework that delivers guidance such as a set of best practices, natural technology insertions and suggested products and services.

Historic Background

At the end of 2017, Juniper shifted its OpenContrail software-defined networking (SDN) controller to the Linux Foundation. The project has since been retitled Tungsten Fabric and become part of the Linux Foundation Networking Fund (LFN). Juniper strategies to continue participating in the open-source Tungsten Fabric project and mirror its updates in its commercial Contrail products. The company has designed its Contrail Enterprise Multi-Cloud to support multi-vendor environments based on open interfaces and standard protocols.

Leadership vision

The messages from CEO Rami Rahim and CTO Bikash Koley during their keynotes at Juniper’s partner and customer conference, suggest that Juniper is correct that multicloud opens an enterprise door. That said, Juniper has a lot of work to do to grab enterprise market share from Cisco and VMware. Juniper leadership is promoting Multicloud strategy with their flagship product Juniper Contrail Enterprise Multicloud.

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