Asegura tu viaje en la nube con nosotros

Asegura tu viaje en la nube con nosotros


Red Bean Harvest Renewed Online Presence

El Reto

Red Bean Harvest had a very basic website with limited customization and an outdated design that was not showing the professional image the company wanted to offer their customers, this was also affecting the online sales for the company.

A renewed website with a fresh design and an easy to manage e-commerce platform was needed also one that provides them with advanced functionalities such as letting users subscribe to a monthly or weekly delivery of their products.

La Solución

Nub8 developed a new e-commerce website for Red Bean Harvest hosted in Amazon Lightsail using WordPress and WooCommerce with the subscriptions extension.

The new site had a more modern look based on their feedback also, with this new platform Red Bean Harvest is able to easily control every aspect of their website, from updating content to managing the shop products and stock.

Red Bean Harvest is an Arlington-based micro-roastery. With a passion for delivering fresh roasted coffee full of flavor so that their customers can enjoy a unique and satisfying experience for both body and mind. Working in hand with the best coffee farmers in various regions of Colombia to offer products that are sustainable and help to reduce food waste.




Nub8 was, so far, the best consulting partner for my business. The team is so well organized, helped me to build our website in different stages, and always the team was patient and open to new ideas.

María Martínez - Owner - Red Bean Harvest

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