Asegura tu viaje en la nube con nosotros

Asegura tu viaje en la nube con nosotros


Desolate MotorSports WordPress Migration

El Reto

The traditional hosting did not provide the reliability and stability required for their online store, impacting the store’s online availability for its customers, and affecting the operation and efficiency of the business.
The client needs a robust and reliable hosting service for their online store, one that offers elasticity in its resources, and they need to migrate everything to this new infrastructure.

La Solución

  • The current website hosting and domain will be migrated to AWS, using Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate to host the WordPress server, Amazon RDS to host the WordPress database, and Amazon EFS for file storage.
  • The Nub8 team will transfer the domain registration to AWS and migrate DNS hosting to AWS Route 53.
  • The proposed architecture focuses on providing a highly available and scalable environment, achieving this by deploying the ECS cluster and RDS database throughout two availability zones and enabling auto-scaling in the cluster.

Desolate Motorsports is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing, and selling an entire product line of suspension components and accessories for 1980 to 1996 Ford Bronco and OBS Ford truck chassis.




In terms of traffic, the previous store experienced 212,000 page views per month, averaging 7,000 page views per day. In contrast, the load tests for the new architecture showed the ability to handle at least 8,000 page views per hour, representing a remarkable increase in capacity by 2,300%. This was achieved with an autoscaling configuration, which allows Fargate nodes to dynamically adjust to meet varying demands, between a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 node

The Team at Nub8 LLC has been great to work with. They Migrated our website to AWS flawlessly

Gregory Gilbert - Owner - Desolate motorsports

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