Benefits of Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service by Microsoft enabling anyone to analyze, visualize and present data with greater speed, efficiency, and high understanding. Following are the top 10 alternatives to Power BI. • QlikView • Tableau • SAP Business Objects Lumira • SAS Business Intelligence • Zoho Reports • ReportPlus • IBM Cognos […]

Big Data with Amazon AWS tools

Amazon provides a robust, broad and fully integrated portfolio of cloud computing services to help our clients to analyze, design, build, secure, and deploy big data solutions. With AWS services, there’s no need to procure hardware and no requirement for infrastructure to support, maintain and scale. Clients can simply focus their resources for uncovering new […]

Face Recognition – Amazon Rekognition

Everyone is talking about face recognition and there are a lot of different companies and products out there to help you get benefit from it. With some of the biggest brands in the world rolling out their own offers, it’s an exciting time for the market. Furthermore,the face recognition market will most probably grow to […]

Use Cases of Big Data

Top Big Data Use Case Big data solutions scan large amounts of data to discover unseen patterns, correlations and other insights. With Big Data technology, it’s possible to examine your data and get answers from it immediately. It is an effort that’s slower and less efficient with more traditional business intelligence solutions. 1. Banking Sector […]

Challenges of Big Data

What is Big Data? As one of the most “hyped” idea in the industry today, there is no consensus as to how to outline Big Data. The term is often used synonymously with an interrelated concept such as Business Intelligence ( BI) and data mining. Basically, all three terms are about analyzing data and in […]